evaluation design

Evaluation Questions

The foundation of good research, including evaluation, is a well-written question in which quantitative and/or qualitative research methods attempt to answer. In the case of evaluation, questions take on different value-oriented frames such as appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, or sustainability.

The three resources below and those added to the Twitter discussion capture different qualities related to writing good evaluation questions.

  1. A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions (FSG) This guide offers practical considerations about stakeholders at the beginning of an evaluation as well as the conclusion of an evaluation.
  2. Evaluation Questions Library Guide (CDC)  This library guide aggregates resources that provide (1) an introduction to evaluation questions, (2) developing and using evaluation questions, and (3) linking evaluation questions to approaches, designs, or criteria.
  3. Evaluation Questions Checklist for Program Evaluation from The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University   This checklist describes ways in which evaluation questions should be (1) evaluative, (2) pertinent, (3) reasonable, (4) specific, (5) answerable, and (6) complete.