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Scheduling Evaluation Interviews

Interviewing multiple individuals for a project is time consuming and scheduling those interviews also can be time consuming. There are several online applications that can match available interview times between interviewers and interviewees; however, I created an easy, quick, and no-cost system to schedule interview times using a Google Doc as described below.

I created a Google Doc that listed available day/times I was available for interviews. This Google Doc was shared with all interviewees at the same time using a shared link giving them permission to view but not edit the online document.

I easily and quickly edited the online document with days/times that became available or unavailable as my time commitments changed. At some level, using a Google Doc in this manner was a quick way to develop an instant website describing my availability. I used an email similar to the one below to share this process with those I was planning to interview.

Hi Dana,

[Opening Intro]

I’d like to schedule an hour phone conversation to talk with you about [name of program].

This online document suggests several day/time possibilities. Please reply to this email with your preferred choices. If none will work, please suggest a couple others. I’ll confirm in a return email.

I’m really looking forward to talking with you about [name of program].