I am hopeful that this blog serves as a digital commonplace book becomes a way to further my own thinking about a variety of topics related to educational programs, particularly associated with public education.

My own experience in public education has now spanned across nearly 40 years as both an active student and educator. For 13 years, I attended K-12 public schools throughout Michigan with brief stints in private schools. I attended a community college and public university for 4.5 years in Michigan. I taught high school students mathematics for 3.5 years in Illinois while completing my first graduate degree in educational administration at a public university. I shaped minds of middle school students while teaching them mathematics for 7 years in Michigan. I led the coordination of a public school district’s mathematics program for 5 years. I’ve since completed a PhD in educational leadership at a public higher education institution while working as a senior research associate and project team leader for a university based evaluation center.

My thoughts here are my own.